Application Guide & Health & Safety Information

Spectral Coatings Waterborne Products can be brushed, dipped or sprayed.
The information below will enable you to get the best possible finish with our products.


The working environment will dramatically affect the drying time of all waterborne coatings. If the workplace is cold and damp, drying times are extended, on the other hand warm, dry conditions will permit optimum recoat times as low as 45 minutes. Application at 15°C minimum is ideal, warm air circulating will remove moisture from the surface film.


As with all finishes, good preparation is essential, care should be taken to ensure all surfaces are clean and free from previous coats of varnish, oil, grease and wax.

To minimise grain raising, fine sand using a paper no coarser than 220 grit (on certain softwoods, damp down the surface and allow to dry prior to the final sand, this will prevent the surface corrugating).


Always use a high-quality soft-haired brush. Holding the brush in the vertical position to the surface will keep brush lines and air bubbles to a minimum. Do not over-brush, apply firm, even strokes. Clean brushes in water and dry before re-using. If brushes go hard use brush renovator or paint stripper to soften them, then rinse well with water before use.

Important: Always stir contents well before use to ensure all solids are mixed thoroughly, do not shake as this will cause aeration


Spectral Coatings Waterbased products will spray through most spray equipment. Please request spray quality when ordering. Ensure that all previous contamination from the spray gun is removed. Strip and clean with gunclean. Build-up of material will only lead to the gun performing inefficiently, therefore clean in warm water thoroughly after each use. Spectral Coatings Open Grain Sealer (WF 401) can be applied as a clear basecoat or primer (WF 610) as a base coat for Spectral Coatings Bright Colours. Clean all traces of (WF 401) Sealer from the gun prior to using Spectral Coatings Pre Catalysed Type Lacquers (WF 201-204) otherwise white particles will appear in the dried film where the two lacquers have coagulated. Do not mix these two products. Cut back dried coatings with aluminium oxide paper (220 grit). Never use wire wool when recoating.

For the best results use our lacquers and paints at a temperature of 15°C (60°F) or above. Maximum temperature 25°C (80°F). Spray at 35-40 psi when using a compressor. Shake well before use to ensure all the solids are mixed thoroughly, aeration will disappear during the spraying process.


Dipping is a process where objects to be coated are immersed in a tank of water-based material and hung up to dry. The viscosity of the material is CRITICAL. The finished object should have no run lines or tears of dried lacquer. To prevent this happening hang the object to be dipped in such a way as to allow the material to run off freely, adjust the material with small volumes of water to prevent run lines or tears drying on the surface.

The addition of water will extend the drying time allowing an even coat to run from the article being dipped. As the last drip on the article begins to dry, use a damp sponge and wipe gently off.

LEWNAGLOW – Directions for use

Product Information:
This product is designed as a two-stage application. It consists of an opaque white acrylic paint, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application and a luminescent topcoat, which is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. The luminescent topcoat will give a far brighter glow when applied over the white base although it can be used independently when an almost invisible coating is required.

The substrate to be painted should be clean and dry and free from loose, friable material, old varnish, oil, wax, grease and dust etc.
On metal, a metal primer must first be used. Our paints will cover solvent-based primers, but should not be used to cover solvent-based paints.
On concrete or brick surfaces the white base coat can be diluted by 10% for a first coat and then a neat coat should be applied to achieve a solid opaque white coating. This should then be allowed to dry for up to four hours depending upon the drying conditions.
The topcoat can then be applied over the white base and allowed to dry. Subsequent coats can be applied to enhance glow.


The coverage rates of the products are approximately 8-10 square metres per litre per coat. The products can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. Spraying is recommended with at least a 1/2ml jet spray gun. Bambi Apollo spray gun can be supplied through us.

General Information:

All products should be protected from frost and direct sunlight during storage. Stir well before use. Wash all equipment out in water thoroughly after use. We highly recommend our flushing solution to remove all residue left in spray gun.

Health & Safety:

These products incorporate the latest in environmentally friendly technology. They are formulated from the finest quality materials, which are the safest to use. When dry the finishes are non-toxic, however as with all chemically based products reasonable precautions should be taken during application. Wear suitable protective clothing (overalls gloves etc.) Remove all splashes from skin and eyes immediately with water. If persistent irritation develops obtain medical advice. Avoid breathing vapour when spraying and wear a facemask

Store in original sealed containers. Keep away from children and pets